Niles Michigan
Home For Sale

Home for sale

Appraised at $84,000
Asking $65,000
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Log Cabin, 12-Acre Retreat

Log Cabin, 12-acre retreat

Asking: $275,000
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Buchanan Michigan
Home for Sale

Commercial Building
Niles, Michigan

Commercial Deco Building

Portage Michigan
Home For Sale


Watervliet, Michigan
Home for Sale

Sale Pending


The Auction Way is the
Best Way for Real Estate

If your Broker or Realtor said, "I sold your home in one day," wouldn't you wonder if some of your money was "left money on the table?"

We know that real estate may be your greatest asset and provide the services you need to buy and sell real estate at fair market prices -- a win-win for buyers and sellers!

Real estate at auction is the best way to find hidden values that a traditional real estate appraisal will not determine through comparasions because yours is a unique property.

Featuring the best way to
convert your assets into cash:
Real Estate sold at Auction
or listed with Glassman Auctions

For more than 55 years John M. Glassman and Glassman Auctions have consistently demonstrated that "The Auction Way Is The Best Way."

Real estate sold at auction gives everyone a fair chance to make their best offers. We understand that no two properties are the same. Glassman auction professionals bring potential buyers together to compete at one location at the same time. Glassman auctions professionals also are experienced at selling real estate through listings as well.

Using friendly competitive bidding arenas, Glassman auction professionals help make buying and selling real estate a positive transaction process void of lengthy offers and counter offers.

Other benefits to real estate sold at auction include:

  • Learning the fair-market value of a given property quickly, and with opportunity to change your mind.
  • Interested buyers are Owners who sell real estate at auction do not always have to accept the offer; buyers can make offers subject to owners' approval.
  • Homes can be sold in "as-is" condition with no warranties.
  • Landowners who have 50-plus acres prefer the auction method when they sell because Glassman
  • Auctions can offer the land and home in several different tracts to quickly determine the best buyer(s). Potential buyers submit their bids at specified dates and times.

For more information on why selling real estate at auction can help you realize a quick return on your investment in property, call (269) 461-6271, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.